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The SSH Secure Shell for Workstations (SSH2 client) is a program that allows both secure-shell (ssh) and secure-ftp (sftp) from Win32 platforms to Unix hosts.

SSH is more than an alternative to using puTTY in the sense that it will also provide the secure-ftp service.

Unfortunately, since its original release the later versions have become commercialised and the ssh web site will try to give you only a limited-number-of-days license.

SSH seems very stable and easy to install.
If you install XMing for X-Windows connectivity you will definitely need either ssh or putty for terminal access to the remote hosts. SSH can also be used in conjunction with CygWin or Exceed .

When using ssh with any of the above mentioned X-server software, you must ensure to switch X11 tunneling ON for X-Windows to function. Otherwise you only get the telnet capability.

The screen-shots below shows how the X11-forwarding can be enabled by means of a tick-box as well as how the terminal and file-transfer windows look like.

FIGURE 1 : Main ssh window: Clicking on the new terminal window icon will allow loging into remote unix hosts.

FIGURE 2: Settings window can be accessed via the Edit->Settings menu where tunnel X11 Connections box can be ticked to enable X-Windows.

FIGURE 3 : Main ssh secure file transfer window: Clicking on the new file transfer window icon, as shown, will allow secure file transfers to and from remote unix hosts.
Note that file drag and drop operations are also possible in this mode.

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